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I am just as bad at this whole "journal" thing as I was when I was 14, but oh well! In the past month or so I have:

-read possibly everything published in the past 40 years on Anglo-Saxon glass. Don't ask me about it, I never want to think about it again, I saw some glass beads this weekend and wanted to cry. (EDIT from three days later, I got a really high mark on this essay and can magically think about glass without crying again! Still never want to write about it again, but that's fine.)
-discovered that I am apparently entitled to this thing called "holiday pay" in the U.K.? I got money for not going to work and was deeply confused for about three hours.
-re-thought the structure and approach to my dissertation and am tentatively more confident in it!
-walked around inside Stonehenge, in the second-coolest experience of my entire life.
-watched Eurovision for the first time, in the second-weirdest experience of my life.
-been a connection-maker for multiple people, and have realised that my networking skills are more about benefiting other people than helping myself. I am pretty okay with this.

I'm going to catch up on sleep, try to revise for exams, and think about materiality and crafting in the Neolithic as a method of procrastination on dissertation work.
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Trying out this Dreamwidth thing! We'll see how it goes, since I don't have the most consistent history with blogging platforms that are more complicated than tumblr. (Or more accurately, that require more original content than tumblr does...)


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